I switched to Blue Marble but my power vavles are dirty?

The attraction of Blue Marble's patented surface conversion technology to metal is so stong that it removes all existing engine deposits. In doing so, the deposits end up on the power valves. Once the deposits are removed, Blue Marble will keep your engine and power valves clean. Some oils (particularly some synthetics) are very bad for leaving heavy engine varnish deposits. Remarkably, those deposits can build up in a very short period of time. If you wish to accelerate the cleaning process, use a 2 cycle engine cleaner like "OMC Tuner".

Who makes Blue Marble?

Blue Marble is manufactured by Envirofuels L.P. of Houston Texas. The formula for Blue Marble is patent protected. Blue Marble achieves outstanding results because of its formula and quality manufacturing standards where only superior base ingredients are used. Blue Marble is available throughout the United States and in Canada from EcoMotorsport.

How does Blue Marble's technology compare with other "additives" that are available in the market?

Blue Marble's products are based on thin film technologies that generate a conversion surface on metals. Most current lubricant and fuel additive packages are based on chemicals that affect the chemistry of the fuel or provide different degrees of traditional lubrication to engines. These alternatives can be effective, but they often change the chemical characteristics of the fuel or create a layering inside the engine with deposits that can change the geometry of the engine.

Blue Marble's technologies create a conversion surface on the metal that is less than 100 angstroms thick (1/1,000,000 centimeters). This surface will not build up on itself and does not change the chemistry of the fuel or oil.

What is the process for introducing Blue Marble's products into my engine?

Blue Marble's thin film products require a certain amount of time to react with the metal of the engine. This reaction is not temperature dependant. If an engine were simply dipped into a pool of solution containing our products, a surface would be generated.

One factor that occurs is that Blue Marble's products will dislodge carbon deposits as they generate a surface. If there are significant carbon deposits in an engine, the deposits will flow out of the engine. In the case of small engines, we have determined that preparation of the engine with a carbon disolving product facilitates the cleaning process and protects smaller operating parts during the detergent period.

What types of metals have been tested?

Blue Marble has tested metals representative of commercially available internal combustion engines. While the time necessary to generate a conversion surface can vary significantly, the conversion surface and its impact on operational efficiency is evident.

Will Blue Marble void my engine warranty?

No. For obvious reasons, most manufacturers want consumers to use their oil. They also require consumers to use an oil that meets or exceeds a certain testing specification in order to maintain engine warranty. In most cases, this is an oil with a TC-W3 rating. Blue Marble has exceeded the stringent and demanding JASO test specifications which are generally regarded as being two stages above the TC-W3 testing specification.

Can Blue Marble be mixed with other oils?

To realize the full benefits, dilution of Blue Marble oil is not recommended. Siphon or drain the majority of the old oil out or run the reservoir down as low as reasonably possible. Then pour in Blue Marble oil to fill accordingly.

Will use of synthetic oils previously cause any problems?

Many synthetic oils tend to leave behind what appears to look like a baked on varnish or shellac coating. This is caused primarily from heat, causing the paraffin base to melt and flow though the combustion chamber area. This surface becomes fairly hard to remove, and it will take longer to notice the results with Blue Marble oil. If this the case, adding a can of quality fuel system cleaner to the fuel tank will help accelerate the removal of these coatings.

Can I use this as a premix oil?

Yes, However, using up most of the fuel prior to mixing Blue Marble is recommended. For metal fuel tanks, doubling the normal amount of oil in the fuel for the first full tank is also recommended, then go back to the normal mix rate.

Can I use this in a brand new engine?


Will the piston rings still seat properly?

Yes. In fact many customers report less leak down and blow-by when using Blue Marble from the start.

Will Blue Marble work on nicosil or chrome cylinders?

Yes, However, many customers are not seeing the results until after about 500 miles or so, whereas machines with cast iron cylinders are realizing benefits much sooner.

Will this stop the smoking from my engine?

Yes. Such results are usually noticed after the first hour or so of running Blue Marble, and the time it takes is based carbon built up in the engine that has to be removed.

Where can I buy Blue Marble oil?

Blue Marble is available in Canada from EcoMotorsport. EcoMotorsport maintains an inventory of Blue Marble in gallons and 13 oz bottles and ships by the case throughout Canada. See Pricing/Order for prices and specials.

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