The Winning Edge reviews Blue Marble® 2-Cycle Oil
Blue Marble Oil- The Future of Lubrication?
Supertrax International reviews Blue Marble® 2-Cycle Oil
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Video: Snowmobiler TV featuring Blue Marble
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Blue Marble: Fact or Friction? Exploring the truth about Blue Marble Oil.
Blue Marble® Conquers Baja
"By day five and after covering 712 miles of sandy washes, deep sand Baja beaches and hard-packed desert terrain we noticed a significant improvement in fuel economy on our Polaris 2-Stroke 400 Explorer. We estimate that we had fuel economy improvements of almost 18% overall." reviews Blue Marble® in Jet Ski and Snowmobile...
"Very few products live up to the hype and the claims of the manufacturer. Most are complete disappointments really. That was not the case with Blue Marble after a season of use."
Efficiency and 2-Stroke in the Same Sentence?
With all the hype about the new 4-stroke engines, new fuel injection systems and other advancements in snowmobile engine technology, could it be possible that something as simple as a new oil would offer tremendous gains in both economy and emissions? We wouldn't have guessed it either.
American Snowmobiler reviews Blue Marble® 2-Cycle Oil
"The MX Z's fuel efficiency increased by 2.5 miles per gallon, which doesn't sound like much, but in our 400 mile test we figure we ran 65.38 miles for free. The motor actually sounded better, ran smoother, and was smoke free while on the trail."