• REV-ER-UP™ 4-cycle lubricant technology package:

Treats the metal...Not the oil.

• REV-ER-UP™ forms a performance enhancing conversion surface inside of the engine. This surface conversion leads to a reduction in friction, resulting in improved engine performance and less engine wear.

• U.S. Patents: 5310419, 5540788; Patents Pending.

• Usage info:

• Recommended for use in 4-cycle engines: ATVs, automobiles, boats, motorcycles, personal watercrafts, scooters, and snowmobiles.

• For best results:

1. Change engine oil and filter.

2. Warm engine oil to operating temperature.

3. Add REV-ER-UP™ to crankcase. (for smaller engines add 1 oz. per quart of oil)

4. Run engine immediately for several minutes.

5. Follow manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

• Technical Data:
(typical properties not to be considered specifications)

Appearance (color) Clear, red
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40° C 43
Kinematic Viscosity @ 100° C 7