Blue Marble Technology

What differentiates Blue Marble® from other oils on the market?

The patented technology in Blue Marble® (and REV-ER-UP™) produces a surface reaction which greatly improves engine performance.

Most standard oil manufacturers concentrate on the molecules between the metal surfaces to reduce friction and improve performance. This has been a tried and true concept for over half a century. However, with Blue Marble® the focus is not only on the molecules between the metal surfaces, but the metal itself.

A test performed by Cleveland State University concluded that the metal surface treated with Blue Marble®’s patented technology showed a reduction in the friction coefficient greater than 85% for dry metal to dry metal without any surface lubrication. Less friction means less engine wear, improved fuel economy and overall improvement in engine performance.

The patented technology in Blue Marble® Oil creates a surface conversion that forms inorganic polymer complexes that converts the surface metal. These complexes smooth and passivate the metal surface, improve reflectivity (emissivity), and reduce oxygen reactivity, resulting in a reduction of friction and improved engine performance.

Blue Marble® cleans metal surfaces and creates a semi-permanent surface that is less likely to oxidize or have carbon buildup. It will also change the surface of the metal so carbon will not build up over time and oxygen will not react with the surface.

So when you add it all up - less oxidation, less carbon buildup and less friction – the end result is a more efficient combustion that benefits Blue Marble® users with more power, increased fuel efficiency, less engine wear and less smoke.